Engineered with multi-patented technologies to deliver a remarkable spray every time. Superior ergonomic makes Berry C delightful to use and it is spray performance is truly remarkable.

      Berry C comes in with a 300 ml Ergo Spray pump (Flairosol). It is a perfect match between a high-quality spray and an innovative product to dispense the liquid.

      By using Flairosol, Berry C uses no aerosols and delivers a remarkable fine mist. Flairosol, developed by AFA Dispensing, delivers a better than aerosol spray quality.

      • 360° spraying option allows all areas to be reached.
      • Fine mist spray pattern distributes liquid evenly.
      • 300 ml refillable bottle.
      • Less hand fatigue compared to standard triggers and
      fingertip sprayer.

      With its 360° spray capability, Berry C offers a spray performance comparable to that of aerosol. It is VOC-free for improved environmental performance and provides safer, non-pressurized packaging as no propellant gases are used. The combination of the very fine mist in combination with a non-pressurized container makes Berry C spray the best option for the environmental friendly market.

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      King Toyo Black & White Mechanic Hand Scrub
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      Code : KT-MHS

      Products : Hand Scrub

      Material: Plastic

      Made: Taiwan

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      King Toyo Air & Hand Fluid Extractor

      Code : KTH-6168

      Material: Plastic

      Made: Taiwan

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      King Toyo Bench Grinder

      Code : KTBG-6 & KTBG-8

      Power: 250W + 350W

      Material: Metal

      Made: Taiwan

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      King Toyo 19pcs 1/2" DR. Torx Bit Socket & E-Torx Socket Set

      Model: KT-4019E

      Material: High Quality CRV Steel


      • 9pcs Star Sockets : E10,E11,E12,E14,E16,E18,E20,E22 & E24
      • 10pcs Tamper Bit Socket : T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T50, T55, T60, T70

      Made in Taiwan.

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      Ideal for cutting wood, alloy, iron etc. Backer, cutting edge and cap work together to provide faster, longer-lasting cutting action. Positive rake teeth clear chips better for longer life and easier cutting. Teeth stay sharper and make smoother cuts.


      Hole Saw Use for: Wood, Iron, Aluminium 

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