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    Amaron Go

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    Amaron GO Batteries - Lasts Long, Really Long
    Amaron GO, brought to you by Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), the largest manufacturers of Stand-by VRLA Industrial Batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim and Johnson Controls Inc, USA; the global leader in Interior experience, building efficiency and power solutions.

    What Makes It So Good

    Amaron GO batteries are made in a QS 9000, ISO 14001 & TS 16949 certified plant using world class technology and stringent quality control parameters that make them last long, really long. Some of the other features that add to making the Amaron GO so good: longest life, patented BIC vents for enhanced safety, the highest cranking power and a completely unnecessary 12 months warranty.

    Amaron GO Batteries Design Features And Benefits

    Superior Service Life

    Amaron batteries offer excellent value for money due to signifi cantly increased service life and can be stored safely without detrimental loss of charge up to 6 months after charging, making Amaron perfect for everyday vehicles as well as those which see only seasonal use.


    OEM Compatibility

    Like sister company Varta, also in the Johnson Controls group of companies, Amaron batteries are designed to meet the exacting standards demanded by the OEM and provide like for like replacement options particularly for vehicles imported from Asia and Europe.


    Advanta Formula

    A unique reformulated Adavanta paste recipe delivers superior electrolytic performance and virtually eliminates water loss, promoting better performance and service life without need for maintenance.


    Silver X Plate Technology

    SilverX is a silver alloy plate construction that ensures there is zero corrosion, this improves performance and extends service life.


    Charge Eye Indicator

    Amaron’s Charge-eye colour indicator system provides convenient ‘at a glance’ status of the state of charge.


    Identifiable Case Design

    Amaron is designed in an attractive, strong, polypropylene casing with breakaway lime green graphics to ensure maximum shelf visibility.

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