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King Toyo 61Pcs Screwdriver Tools Set
Special Offer

Code : KTSDS-61

Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel & Rubber Plastic

Made: China

RM  138.00  95.00   31%  
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King Toyo Stainless Steel Tool box

Code : KT-3025Y

Dimension: 470mmx238mmx203mm

Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic

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Shell Helix HX5 15W40 4Litre

Premium multigrade motor oil – Helps to keep engines clean.

  • Helps to prevent engine sludge build-up
  • Helps to extend engine life by providing wear protection that no mineral oil can surpass 1
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King Toyo Trolley ToolBox with Ball Bearing Sliding

Color : Yellow

Dimension: 520mmx320mmx720mm

Material: Metal

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Century Marathoner
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King Toyo Air & Hand Fluid Extractor

Code : KTH-6168

Material: Plastic

Made: Taiwan

RM  720.00  490.00   32%  
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King Toyo Voltage Battery Alternator 12V

Code : KTVBA-1957

Product :

  • Voltage Battery & Alternator Health Checker 12Volts
  • To check Battery Health and alternator voltage.

Color : Black

Made : Taiwan

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Special Offer

Code : KT-4680K

Product: Mixture

Material: High Quality CRV Steel

Weight: Approx 15 KG

Made: Taiwan

RM  1,590.00  1,200.00   25%  
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Engineered with multi-patented technologies to deliver a remarkable spray every time. Superior ergonomic makes Berry C delightful to use and it is spray performance is truly remarkable.

Berry C comes in with a 300 ml Ergo Spray pump (Flairosol). It is a perfect match between a high-quality spray and an innovative product to dispense the liquid.

By using Flairosol, Berry C uses no aerosols and delivers a remarkable fine mist. Flairosol, developed by AFA Dispensing, delivers a better than aerosol spray quality.

• 360° spraying option allows all areas to be reached.
• Fine mist spray pattern distributes liquid evenly.
• 300 ml refillable bottle.
• Less hand fatigue compared to standard triggers and
fingertip sprayer.

With its 360° spray capability, Berry C offers a spray performance comparable to that of aerosol. It is VOC-free for improved environmental performance and provides safer, non-pressurized packaging as no propellant gases are used. The combination of the very fine mist in combination with a non-pressurized container makes Berry C spray the best option for the environmental friendly market.


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King Toyo 18 PCS Screwdriver Set

Code : KT-FL3215-10

Material: Steel

Made: China

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King Toyo 3 Trays Tool Cart
Special Offer

Code : KT-OPE380

Color : Blue

Dimension: 750mmx380mmx850mm (Including Wheels)

Weight: Approx 12 KG

Material: Metal

RM  500.00  380.00   24%  
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King Toyo 215 PCS DR. Socket Wrench Set
Special Offer

Code : KT-4215K

Material: Steel/Metal

Weight: Approx 13 KG

Made: Taiwan

RM  1,600.00  1,200.00   25%  
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MASW Digital Battery Charger 8AMP
Special Offer

Code : KTBC-0612-08A

Color : Black

Warranty: 1 Month for defects only and not self induced.

Made : Malaysia

RM  500.00  360.00   28%  
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King Toyo 6 Drawers Cabinet
Special Offer

Code : KT-XTB220A

Color : Red

Dimension: 600mmx260mmx340mm

Material: Paint Coated Steel with Alluminum Handle

RM  400.00  299.00   25%  
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King Toyo 1/4" 47PCS Socket & Bits Set

Code : KT-4702B

Product: Mixture

Material: Steel/Metal

Made: Taiwan

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Kinki Spray Gun

Code : KRP-1000

Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel

Made: Malaysia

RM  530.00  415.00   22%  
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