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      Sanitizer Spray Tevo BerryC - Trifunctional
      Sanitizer Spray Tevo BerryC - Trifunctional

      BerryC (Trifunctional Sanitizer Spray)


      BerryC is uniquely formulated based on objectives of Eliminates microbes, Protection, and Long lasting. It provides microbes-free, floral scent, and relaxing environment for daily lifestyle. BerryC lays an invisible protection layer on the applied surface which can decompose surrounding odour. In addition, BerryC provides sustainable 28 days advanced antimicrobial and long-term anti-fungi enhancement on sprayed surface. Lastly, the ingredient does not contain any toxic material and alcohol; thus, it is suitable for everyone and daily use.


      Why You Need It

      • Last up to 28 Days
      • Skin Safe
      • Eliminates 99.99% of Microbes
      • Repels Contaminant Adherence
      • Decompose Organic and Inorganic Odour
      • Sustainable Antimicrobial and Fungi Prevention
      • Invisible Layer
      • Toxic and Alcohol Free
      • Low VOC Water Based Product
      • Retain Surface Colour and Texture


      How To Apply

      1. Shake well before use.
      2. Spray directly onto surface or into the air.
      3. Wipe if necessary.



      Do not intake, external use only.


      Application Areas

      • Clothing
      • Doorknob or door handle
      • Staircase or handrail
      • Baby car seat
      • Bedding
      • Toys
      • Backpacks
      • Foot wears
      • Toilet
      • Applicable on any surface for antimicrobial purposes



      • Packing: 300 ml Spray Bottle
      • Physical liquid: Water based
      • Colour: Colourless
      • Odour: Floral Scent
      • Durability: Up to 28 days
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      TEVO BERRY C 300ML
      TEVO BERRY C 300ML

      Engineered with multi-patented technologies to deliver a remarkable spray every time. Superior ergonomic makes Berry C delightful to use and it is spray performance is truly remarkable.

      Berry C comes in with a 300 ml Ergo Spray pump (Flairosol). It is a perfect match between a high-quality spray and an innovative product to dispense the liquid.

      By using Flairosol, Berry C uses no aerosols and delivers a remarkable fine mist. Flairosol, developed by AFA Dispensing, delivers a better than aerosol spray quality.

      • 360° spraying option allows all areas to be reached.
      • Fine mist spray pattern distributes liquid evenly.
      • 300 ml refillable bottle.
      • Less hand fatigue compared to standard triggers and
      fingertip sprayer.

      With its 360° spray capability, Berry C offers a spray performance comparable to that of aerosol. It is VOC-free for improved environmental performance and provides safer, non-pressurized packaging as no propellant gases are used. The combination of the very fine mist in combination with a non-pressurized container makes Berry C spray the best option for the environmental friendly market.

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      Product Introduction

      Bubble Max Shampoo is specifically formulated as a pH neutral car shampoo for high foaming and deep cleaning purpose without damaging your car painted or coated surface. It is perfect to use on weekly basis and prolong the lifespan of glass coating.

      Application Area

      • Car body
      • Motorbike & bicycle body
      • Glass surface
      • Almost entire exterior of car

      Application Guide

      • Dilute Bubble Max Shampoo with water ( up to 1:120 ratio )
      • Rinse the car body with plain water to wash away the tiny sand and dust
      • Use high quality of sponge wipe the car body gently
      • Rinse the car body again 
      • Dry the car body with micro fiber cloth


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      Tevo G-Activ Hydrophobic car coating
      Tevo G-Activ Hydrophobic car coating

      About Tevo G-Activ

      When Detailing Made Easy (DIY at Home)

      When sophisticated silica/quartz coating made easy. Understanding the fact where conventional professional silica/quartz coating comes with the hassles of curing wait time, skill set and equipment required, regardless all of above, G-Activ product series is designed with the ease of application and minimum risk of damaging your car surfaces; making commoners in detailing is now possible. G-Activ series is uniquely water activated product. G-Activ performance gets better after few minutes of water rinsing!

      More About G-Activ Video Links

      Main Introduction


      G-Activ Auto Revive


      G-Activ Buff Coat


      G-Activ Safe Vision


      G-Activ Tank Mix



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      Production Introduction

      Formulated for high quality soft plastic and leather surfaces. Using the finest silicone base material and polymer to allow deeper coat for the higher durability. Non-oily carrier been use to avoid oily touching feel
      while maintaining gloss finishing.

      Application Area

      • Dashboard
      • Plastic surface
      • Any leather surface
      • Best to use after UniClean 

      Application Guide

      • Spray LeatherGard onto a cloth or direct spray onto the surface
      • Wipe and even out the LeatherGard with the cloth


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      Product Introduction

      Nano-Technology innovative formulation that helps to protect any fabric & absorbent surfaces from water, liquid, dirt, contamination and stains whilst remaining totally invisible! It will not affect the appearance, it have ability to breath, colors & the touching feel will not alter at all!

      Application Area

      • Any water absorbable surface
      • Curtain, carpet, table top & cushion
      • Paper, feather, fabric & carton
      • Stone, cement, wood & gypsum board
      • Shoe, bag, cloth, cap & scarf

      Application Guide

      • Shake the bottle well before use
      • Make sure the surface is clean and dry
      • Spray Uni-Absorbent onto the surface until it becomes damp
      • Leave the surface for 24 hours for no water contact
      • Water repellency will start to work after 24 hours
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      TEVO UNIGARD-I01 500ML
      TEVO UNIGARD-I01 500ML

      Why Not Do It Yourself?
      UniGard-i01 is extremely user-friendly, you are able to DIY yourself, perfect for car owner who enjoys to DIY and able to achieve the same outcome as professional car detailer. Everyone can now be car detailer!

      Ease Application
      With simple application such as spray, buff, and rinse, your beloved vehicle is enhanced with UV resistance, hydrophobic, effectively reducing watermark issue, and provide silky smooth finishing.

      Instant Hydrophobic Result
      UniGard-i01 can be applied and act as stand-alone coating which will provide result that is close to quartz coating. Application can be done within 5 minutes and the result is instant. No waiting and no hassle!

      Huge Coverage Area & Cost Saving
      1 bottle of UniGard-i01 can be used up to 10 medium size sedans!

      High Durability
      Unlike ordinary water wax, UniGard-i01 is able to last up to 4 weeks or withstand 5 car washes.

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      Product Introduction

      Unilize is an ultra-fast action sterilizing solution that eliminate up to 99% of microbial, germs, & virus on coated surface; also deodorize & improving surrounding air quality. Upon application, the solution forms a nano-layer of filming on the coated surface, enabling the solution to stays effective up to 14 days, providing a long term safer & healthy living.

      Application Area

      • Indoor and Outdoor
      • On air (Nebulizer)
      • Personal Belongings
      • Automotive
      • Public Area

      Application Guide

      • The surface has to be clean and dry before the application
      • Spray Unilize onto the surface and make sure you cover all the surface
      • Leave it there for 24 hours
      • Active ingredient will stay active on the surface for 2 weeks and decompose the bacteria

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